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Businesses today get a significant amount of work done through project teams that draw membership from departments and functions throughout the company. These teams are defined as matrix structures. Typically project teams are formed for a specified time frame and specific objectives.

In contrast, these same organizations also have a classic line-management structure where project team members report on a permanent basis to a supervisor, manager, department head or a designated executive.

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An important part of project success is effectively communicating status of the project to internal stakeholders. These project briefings are important whether you are the only one working on the project or when you are part of a team, and perhaps even the project leader.

When a project has a high profile in the company people want to know what is happening with the project; what is going well; what is not going well and who are the players?

Be consistent with what you cover in meetings and even

There’s no denying that the Project Manager is the leader of the project and usually the most visible member of the delivery project team.  They are the primary customer-facing individual and replacing them is like replacing the coach on an NFL football team or a major league baseball manager.  It’s a highly visible move and very significant.

But what about the rest of the project team?  They are visible.  Often, on an IT project, the business analyst or the technical lead become just as visible

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